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Ways to choose the right curtains

2017-06-02 10:06:45

Curtains play an important role in decoration, which means we can improve our house decoration if we choose a proper curtain. There're various kinds of curtains and textures in the market. Then what should be taken into consideration while selecting a curtain?

Selection of curtain--a selection of texture

First, you should get to konw that what kinds of textures the curtain has. Currently, there're textures like cotton, silk, fabric, nylon, georgette, plastic and aluminium alloy. When choose the curtain, rooms are need to be considered. For instance, the kitchen and bathroom's curtain should be highly practical and easy to clean as well as simple. The living room and dinning room's kitchen should be luxury and gorgeous. As to the curtain which been used in bedroom is the most important that we should think about in order to confirm our privacy and sleep. The study room's curtain should have good transluency, be elegant and pastel, so that we can feel smooth in the room and imerge in study. The factor of season should also be thought about. In summer, autum and spring, some soft textures' curtain like silk or fabric are good choices. In contrast, thick lint curtain is preferred in cold winter.

elegant curtains

Selection of curtains--a selection of thickness and rigor

This need to be considered in accordance with the surroundings. If you have a high-rise house and the outside place is comparatively empty, then you can choose a soft and elegant curtains. On the contrary, the thick, venetian blind which can effectively shade light as well as breathing is more recommended.

Selection of curtain--a selection of color

You need to choose a curtain which matches the indoor walls, floors and furnishings, because curtain takes up a large space of our house and it's set in the lightest space. For example, if your wall is white or ivory and your furniture is yellow or grey, then you should select an orange curtain. If your wall is azury and the furniture is pale yellow, then the white curtain with little blue folwers is more suitable. The wall of your house is yellow or pale yellow and your furniture is pruple, black or brown, then the curtain is better to be yellow or golden yellow. If your wall is light green, and your furniture is yellow, green or brown, then you'd better choose a green or grass green curtain.

 elegant curtains

I believe these little tricks can do you some favor while selecting the curtains. Decoration is just one part that we need to consider, the factors of light shading and ultraviolet decreasing are also of great concern. Moreover, the selection of texture and color are crucial too.

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