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How To Clean Shower Curtain?

2016-03-04 05:03:34

How To Clean a Shower Curtain

Shower curtains are often hang in the bathroom with shower faucets or they are used in the shower range to prevent the water splash in all directions, so the shower curtains can exclude those water for the people who take a shower. Because they are moist for a long time, they are easy to go moldy, and how to clean shower curtains?

1.How to clean common shower curtains
If you don't want to brush the dirty marks on the shower curtains, you can soak them in the washing-machine and add 4 cups of vinegar, and then you can start the washing-machine. This way can not only destroy bacteria, but also can neutralize the smudgily, it will be so convenient for you.

How to clean common shower curtains

2.How to clean canvas or polyester shower curtain
Way of cleaning this kind of curtains is like washing cotton fabric, you can use warm soapy water to wash them, and iron them after they are dried; if those curtains have mildew on them, you can use right amount sodium hypochlorite solution, and then wipe them up.

How to clean canvas or polyester shower curtain

3.How to clean plastic shower curtain liner
Using vinegar to wipe the soap bubble, mildew and grease on the curtains and make them look like new ones. Underneath of the shower curtain is the most difficult part for you to clean and you can soap the brush in the brine and then brush those stain; because grain of the salt will be frosted and they can remove the stains.

How to clean plastic shower curtain liner

(PS: If you cannot bear the flavor of the vinegar or bleach, you can choose soda ash to instead, and you just need to soap your curtains in the carbonated water for about one hour, then you can find that it is easy for you to wipe off the mildew.)

Finally, you should know the maintain measure of shower curtains. After taking a shower, you'd better pull up the shower curtains to ensure the ventilation, so it can prevent those curtains going moldy. You can also hangup a pack of silica gel to absorb moisture and the most important is that you should clean the shower curtains regularly.

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