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Common Types Of Curtain Rods

2016-04-05 11:04:24

Category 1: Visible VS Invisible

Visible curtain rods are those you can see the color and decorative heads of them and this kind of curtain rods are loved by more and more people because they are suitable for the fashion trend, and more and more people are put forward light is repaired, heavy adornment.

To the contrary, invisible curtain rods are put into curtains boxes and people cannot see the curtains rods, and this kind of curtain rods is phased out.

Visible VS Invisible

Category 2: Single Curtain Rods VS Double Curtain Rods

Curtain rods can be divided into single curtain rods and double curtain rods. As the name suggests, single curtain rods can only hang one kind of curtains while double curtain rods can install both curtains and shower curtains. You can choose any of them according to your need, and both of them will be convenient for you.

Single Curtain Rods VS Double Curtain Rods

Category 3: Material Of Curtain Rods

Materials of curtain rods are mainly made up of aluminum, stainless steel, and wood etc. Different materials will have different prices and when you choose curtain rods, you have to choose durable ones because these curtain rods will be used for a long time.

Material Of Curtain Rods

Aluminum curtain rods are common to see and when you choose this kind of curtain rods, you have to pay attention to the thickness of the rods and then you can pay attention to the material of grommets. Don't choose those grommets which are made of reprocessed plastic and prevent the harm they will cause.

Wood curtain rods have different colors and you have to pay attention to the disposal of the surface, the surface should be smooth and the paint should be evenly spread. Some of the wood curtain rods will have silencer device and some haven't, if you used them frequently, you'd better choose those curtain rods with silencer device.

Stainless steel curtain rods have paint spraying and electroplate on them; you have to pay attention to the quality of them choose those thick ones.

(In addition, those waterproof curtain rods can also been used as shower curtain rods and you can even choose diy curtain rods.)

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