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Common Patterns On Shower Curtains

2016-04-07 01:04:00

Different patterns of shower curtains will make your bathroom look different, some of them are fresh and some of them are funny, you can choose any of them as you love. Anyway, patterns you choose should be suitable for your bathroom no matter you choose long shower curtain, hookless shower curtain or extra long shower curtain. Following, I'll introduce you some beautiful shower curtains with various patterns.

1.Octopus shower curtain

Octopus shower curtain

Some people love sea creatures and this kind of curtains can be good choice for you, patterns of the curtains can be divided into black and white or colorful ones, this vivid patterns can add fun when you are taking shower.

2.Christmas shower curtains

Christmas shower curtains

This kind of shower curtains are so heated when Christmas comes, more and more families are going to choose these curtains to put them in the happy environment of the festival. Patterns may be Christmas trees, Santa Claus or Christmas stocking,etc.

3.World map shower curtain

World map shower curtain

If you are a geography lover, world map shower curtain will be suitable for you, that us ti say, you can maximize your time to learn the map even when you are taking shower. That's funny for you to have a try!

4.Coral shower curtain

Coral shower curtain

Coral patterns loved by many people because of their unique shape and beautiful colors. They live in the sea, so it is suitable for you to hang coral shower curtains in your bathroom, just in order to create a fresh and lively environment for you.

5.Tree shower curtain

Tree shower curtain

Branch of the trees can form a beautiful pattern, that is why tree shower patterns are so popular; no matter you choose withered tree patterns or the lively green trees, they can decorate your bathroom well because trees themselves have artistic shape.

6.Purple shower curtain

Purple shower curtain

Purple shower curtain can be the first choice of romanticist because they are art-filled. Choosing purple as dominant hue, you can also choose some beautiful pattern of the curtains. You can imagine that, if you choose your favorite colors, they can bring you good mood.

7.Owl shower curtain

Owl shower curtain

Cartoon owl patterns are so cute if you prepare them for your kids, colors of the patterns are so vivid that they will be suitable for your children. In addition, these shower curtains can also form a strong contrast with your bathroom which have homochromy decoration style.

8. Black and white shower curtain

Black and white shower curtain

This kind of curtains are so common because of their simple design, they can even suitable for any kinds of bathroom, and you won't feel uncomfortable if you choose this black and white shower curtains.

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